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Network of top talent freelance consultants


Services for Companies

  • Tailored consulting talent: hire top tier consultants with the specific experience needed to complement your team.

  • Full consulting teams on demand: we create teams of freelancers from scratch, based on your specific project needs.

Projects for Freelancers

  • Work with Antifragile: let us know your preferences and we'll find the right project for you.

  • Apply to join: we are a community of more than 100 freelancers from different backgrounds, from strategy to IT.

Quality over Quantity

Our consultants need to pass a strict pre-screening process and several cross checks to ensure they have a successful track record and good feedback from past projects.

Why Antifragile?

For companies


Tackle your problems as desired without having to increase in-house capacity or without worrying about down time.


Let us work on your problems with talent from our wide freelance network of experts and consultants.


The talent you need, not just "talent". We will only offer the profiles that will excel on the task. No more, no less.

For freelancers


We offer you a constant stream of projects with a wide variety of options, so you can work on the projects you enjoy the most.


Let us know your availability and we'll adapt accordingly. You choose if you want to work or take some time off.

Cash is King

We negotiate on your behalf to offer you the best market rates. Get paid on time, as it always should have been.

Noche nevada


MBB Support

We have provided MBB consultants on demand to top-notch consulting firms on a wide variety of industries and projects.


Full Teams

We have tackled multiple project with our own managed teams. We create the team on demand, totally tailored to specific project needs.


Other scopes

We have delivered in a vast variety of situations and scopes. We are flexible by design, let us know your talent needs and we'll deliver.

Our experience

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